Deeluxe Snowboard Boots

Deeluxe is a small, independent company with flat organization structure and short decision path. Our close contact with team members, shops and customers places us in the unique position to recognize trends and niches. This contact, combined with our speed and flexibility, allows us to develop new products to meet the most current demands of riders around the world.

With the extremely succesful "One Series" I fulfilled my dream of bringing the skateboard-shoe-feeling to the snowboard boot. Developing boots at Deeluxe gives me the opportunity to build my passion for snowboarding into the boots. Innovation is not just part of my job description - it's a primal need of mine.


CEP Compression

Advanced product concepts custom tailored to fit you and your sport – that’s what CEP stands for. All CEP products are always based on compression and its proper use. Medi compression ensures that you always get the right amount of compression. Another quality brand in our portfolio


Coal Headwear

Coal was founded on the belief that headwear is more than an accessory. It's a part of you – your identity and your lifestyle. Coal built this idea into each of their designs by using quality materials and exacting details into crafting styles that are as unique as you are. Coal is everywhere – from snowboard and skate shops to boutiques.


Capita Snowboards

Capita Snowboards grew through us to become one of the leading snowboard companies in the German speaking countries. Distinctive graphics, an incomparable team, innovation, and quality 'made in Austria' make these boards a must have for every snowboard shop.


First Degree Boots

First Degree Boots makes ultra comfortable, high performance alpine boots designed to bring the feeling back to skiing. With an easy to enter, 3 piece shell, 5 forward lean options to suite teh skiers style, combined with an after market liner and insole, this boot is ready to take on any storm right out of the box.

A hike/walk mode enables the skier to navigate the ascent with comfort adn control, ready to tackle your next line with the flip of a switch.

So whether you are skiing, skinning, bootpacking or apres-ing, First Degree Boots has your feet covered.

The storm now beckons - Are You Ready?